Part one: Receiving shipments
  • Track your shipment here
  • Receive Shipment
  • Inspect for  Physical Damage
    • Caused by shipping
    • or by shipper
  • Take Photographs of any damage to shipment
    • If there is damage via the shipper handle any claims that are necessary.
  • Sticker each item with client name
Part Two: Product Inspection
  • Physically inspect each item
  • Inspect Container Packaging
    • Are the products packaged well
    • Enter any issues into client account
Part Three: Inventory Shipment
  • Take Picture of each Product
  • Inventory items to Client account
    • Picture
    • UPC
    • Quantity
Part Four: Prep – Get product ready for Amazon

According to Amazon Guidelines

  • Clean the product
    • Remove stickers
    • Cover Barcodes
  • Repackage if necessary
    • bagging items
    • bundling
    • shrink wrapping
Part Five: Verify and Label
  • Print Labels
  • Verify product matches Amazon Listing
    • Scan label,
    • Pull up product page,
    • Verify same product
      • Compare Product image, title and description
  • Verify Item Condition
    • Is it New
    • Is it in the buyer going to be happy with condition.
Part Six: Ship to Amazon
  • Prep to Ship
    • Separate items into correct shipments
    • Weigh and measure each box and shipment
    • Print and Label shipments
    • Arrange for pickup
  • Ship to Amazon
Part Seven: Track Your Shipment

We don’t stop there

  • We track your shipment all the way
  • We help you with issues Amazon has with your shipment