Item Per Item Desc
Bundle 0.50 Per bundle (up to 5 items .10 cents per item after 5 items) Plus
- Per item fee
- Bag or Box
Bulk Bundle 0.10 Per bundle (up to 5 items .10 cents per item after 5 items) Plus
- Per item fee
- Bag or Box


Whichever is less

Item Per Item Desc
Storage Pallet 25.00 Per month (must come in or go out on a pallet)
Per Item 0.10 Per month
Per Cubic Foot 0.50 Per month
First two weeks of storage are free. Storage fees are billed on the first of the month.


Item Per Item Desc
Rubberband 0.00 Free
New Shoe Replacement Box 3.50
Shoe Shrink Wrap 0.40 Each


Item Per Item Desc
Books 2.50 Per Book
Book Shrink Wrap 0.30 Per Book
Excessive Sticker Removal 1.00 Example image available in Knowledgebase
Repair 1.00 Binding repairs, etc. (1.00 - 5.00)


Item Per Item Desc
Listings from Scratch 5.00
Per Photo Edited 1.50 Completed with Pixelz.com
Listings From Add Product 1.00
Shipment Creation Listing 0.25 Per Listing (per FNSKU)

Pallet Processing

Item Per Item Desc
Pallet Shipping 12.00 Amazon Compliant Pallet Purchase plus Professional Wrap
Pallet Cross Dock 20.00 Receive Relabel pallet and Replace if necessary and reship to Amazon

Price Range

Item Range Per Item
1 - 200 $ 1.50
201 - 1000 $ 1.00
1001 - 5000 $ 0.85
5001 - 10000 $ 0.70
10001 - 100000 $ 0.60

Normal and Custom

In two weeks period



Item Per Item Desc
Bags 0.35
Fragile 0.50 We package items to withstand a three foot drop
Oversize 1.00 Item is oversize when it ships as a single unit or One per box.
Product Testing 1.50 Per Item, subject to increase
Merchant Fulfillment 3.50 Per order of up to 5 items. $.70 cents for each additional item
Amazon Returns 0.75 Per Item fee in addition to standard per-item fee
Large Bags 1.00 Over 20"
Liquidation 1.50


We reuse boxes as much as possible

Item Per Item Desc
Small Box 0.40 Under 12x12x12 Inch
Medium Box 1.00 12x12x12 Inch
Large Box 1.50 18x18x24 Inch
Extra Large Box 2.25 24x24x18 Inch