What is everything I will need to do on my end for every shipment? 
Once you sign up for an account you have a full user page with a dashboard. . ( Only Once )
Sign up for user permissions ( Only Once )
Buy your products
Have them shipped to our warehouse. –  Address is on your dashboard
You will get a notify email that your items are here and you can view all items on your dashboard.
The PDF of the packing slip will be available within 24 hrs of shipment arriving.
Once your items arrive you can Match the items to what your ordered.
     If there is a discrepancy Please let us know.  Your Per item fees are billed from this page.
From your Product page.
List your items on amazon, and Create Shipping Plan
      We can Create Shipping plan for you for an small fee if you wish
       (in this case Click Shipment Ready button When you want us to create the Shipment)
Click Shipment Ready button on your dashboard when your ready for us to send your shipment. .
We then Pick Prep And ship within 24-48 hrs of your shipment Ready Click.