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Packaging Apparel, Fabric, and Textiles

Packaging Apparel, Fabric, and Textiles

IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for preparation or for noncompliance at the fulfillment center.

Textiles are made of cloth or fabric that can be damaged by dust or humidity. These Units should be packaged so they are not damaged during receipt, stocking, shipment preparation, or shipment to the customer. Units must be placed in a sealed poly bag or shrink-wrapped.

Related guidelines: Packaging Requirements – Poly bagged Units

Watch this brief video for examples of how to prep your products for shipment to and storage in Amazon fulfillment centers.

How to Prep Apparel, Fabric, Plush and Textiles

Packaging guidelines

Do… Do Not…
Place individual units of apparel and products made of fabric or textiles along with any cardboard backings in clear (no colors or tints), transparent sealed bags or shrink wrap (minimum of .09 mil.) clearly marked with a suffocation warning label.
Use boxes for textiles, such as leather, that could be damaged by bags or shrink wrap.
Ensure that each product has a scannable label visible after bagging.
Package footwear with no shoe material exposed, either in shoe boxes or bagged in a polybag with a suffocation warning.
Secure shoe box lids with a non-adhesive band or removable tape.
Allow bag or shrink wrap to protrude more than 3 inches past the dimensions of the product.
Include hangers.
Send in unmatched singles or groups of shoes without secured shoe box or polybag packaging.

Permitted packaging materials:

  • Poly Bags
  • Labels
  • Cardboard Footprint
  • Boxes

Examples of prepped Units

Packaging Textiles washcloth
Not permitted: The textile is exposed to dust, dirt, and damage. Permitted: The textile is in a sealed bag with suffocation warning label.
Packaging Textile Hat
Not permitted: The textile is exposed to dust, dirt, and damage. Permitted: The textile is in a sealed bag with suffocation warning label.
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