Why do I need to Name the Shipment SELLTEC

The name of your shipment allows Selltec Prep staff to quickly identify the shipment and the status. Shipments named “Selltec” or “STP” allow for efficient processing. To postpone the release of the shipment, include the word “HOLD”. Please also click the “Shipment Ready” button within your Selltec Prep dashboard to notify Selltec staff of your shipping plan’s completion. Once your shipping labels have been printed and your shipment has been scheduled for release, your Selltec staff will update your shipment’s name to “Selltec Working”.

To edit your shipment’s name:

Click “RENAME” in the upper left corner of your shipment field.

Please create your “ship from” address to include YOUR STORE NAME and Selltec’s address:

Ship From: Your Store Name / Your Name

Street  Address Line 1:  5 Bakery Road

City: Roundup

State: MT

Zip Code: 59072