Selltec Exclusive Full Truck Load Shipments – We have monthly FTL shipments departing from Selltec to Amazon’s MDW2 warehouse.  A Full Truckload Delivery (FTL) is a trailer load delivered straight from origin to destination, without transfers or check-ins through other carrier hubs. This is the quickest transit speed, the most stable transit method, and the most economical shipping rates available. You do not need to fill this truck up your self. The FTL is made up of many sellers pallets.  

Your $150.00 per-pallet rate is paid directly to Selltec, so you will not see shipping fees in your Amazon statement as with Amazon-Partnered Small Parcel Fed Ex or UPS.

The $12.00 per-pallet purchase price secures your Amazon-compliant pallet to hold your shipment. This is a flat-rate regardless of volume on your pallet.

Amazon-Partnered small parcel or LTL fees are calculated based on weight and/or dimensional volume (weight and dimensions). Your FTL price is a predictable, flat-rate. You may ship a minimum of 1/2 of a pallet through the FTL at a rate of $75.00 for shipping fees and $12.00 pallet purchase cost. Any sizeable shipment assigned to MDW2 is eligible for the FTL truck.
This is a great way to maximize and monitor your shipping rates, and with the predictable outbound departure, you can coordinate your inbound deliveries accordingly. If you generate your own Amazon shipments, you may add “FTL” to your shipment name in Amazon to alert us as to your preference. We cannot emphasize just how beneficial these FTL trucks can be!

When shipping via FTL:
-The goal is to have the largest shipment possible submitted so that we may process your shipment efficiently.
-Shipments must be submitted no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled departure.
– Shipments should not be added to without acknowledgment from Selltec to avoid confusion. You may generate a new shipment to be combined, if necessary. If you generate your own shipments, you may add “FTL” to your shipment name in Amazon to alert us as to your preference. Be sure to click your Green “Shipment Ready” button!