Commingled inventory

You can use the existing UPC or EAN barcodes on your eligible products to identify and track your inventory throughout the Amazon fulfillment process by enabling the Stickerless Commingled Inventory setting in your seller account .

Commingling your inventory makes it easier to fill customer orders more quickly and efficiently. If you enable commingled inventory for your seller account, when a buyer purchases a product from you, we send an identical item from the fulfillment center closest to the buyer to expedite delivery, even if it was originally sent to the fulfillment center by a different seller. We transfer an item from your inventory into the other seller’s inventory to compensate them, and you get the credit for the sale.

Even though commingled inventory is treated as interchangeable items in the network, the origin of all inventory is tracked by our fulfillment systems, so we’re able to identify which seller sent which item if problems arise.

Not all inventory is eligible for commingling. For example, the following items require Amazon barcodes:

  • Expiration-dated products
  • Used products
  • CDs, VHS tapes, or DVDs
  • FBA-eligible books that do not have UPC or EAN barcodes in Code 128A format
  • Single products with multiple variations (for example, the same t-shirt in different colors and sizes)

Enable commingled inventory

When you first sign up for FBA, you have the option of enabling Stickerless Commingled Inventory. You can enable or disable this feature at any time. However, because the commingling setting is applied at the account level, you must create new a product listing for each eligible product. Old product listings will have the previous inventory setting applied.

To enable or disable commingled inventory:

  1. In your seller account, under Settings, click Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. Locate Inventory Settings and click Edit.
  3. Select Enable or Disable, and then click Save.

Please allow 24 hours for the changes to be fully processed before creating new offers for your eligible inventory.

Register your brand

If your products are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry and meet the eligibility requirements, you can request to be exempt from the barcode requirements that typically apply to FBA inventory. For more information, contact Seller Support.

Removing commingled inventory

If you submit a removal order for commingled inventory, the item you receive not be one that you originally sent to Amazon.