PDF Process


Buy Products from company of your choice

Add Selltecprep.com’s Shipping address during checkout

Copy and Paste Tracking numbers to your SelltecPrep account

Add items to Amazon Shipping Plan (Change Send From address to Selltecprep’s address)


Client Name

21 3rd Ave West

Roundup, MT 59072

Save Labels to PDF and Packing Slip to Text

Upload PDF Files to your account on SelltecPrep.com

When you receive the number of boxes per shipment, weight and box measurements.

Update your Amazon Shipping Plan.

Save Shipping Labels to PDF

Upload PDF to your SelltecPrep.com Account.


When you submit your tracking number it uploads to SelltecPrep’s dashboard so we can track your shipment making sure it gets here.

When your shipment arrives We open, inspect, scan and upload the packing slip to your account. You will receive an email

If there is any damage during shipment. We take pictures upload to your account and email you all the details.

Your items are then pictured and uploaded to your SelltecPrep’s account with upc’s and quantity. Items are prepared for Amazon.

Once we receive your Labels and Packing list we label your items and split them into shipments.

Box them up and upload the packing list with weight and  measurements to your SelltecPrep’s account. You will receive and email.

When we receive your Shipping Labels, they are printed, affixed and your boxes are sent to Amazon. Tracking is uploaded to your SelltePrep’s account.

SelltePrep then follows your shipment making sure it makes it to the warehouse.

Using the PDF method SelltecPrep cannot Reconcile your shipment.