PDF Process – Not recommended

How to send us a PDF so we can Prepare Your Shipment

  1. Buy Products from the company of your choice.
  2. Add Sellteprep.com’s Shipping Address during checkout. Your Name or Store name at:

                               5 Bakery road, Roundup MT 59072.

  1. Copy and Paste Tracking numbers to your orders Tab on your Selltecprep Dashboard.
  2. Create Shipment from products on your Selltec dashboard.>   Please See Here on how to create a shipment  
  3. Please be sure to send us Shipment and not Shipping Plan
  • In Chrome:
    • Add items to Amazon Shipment – Be sure to change the Send From Address to Selltecpreps address

  • Click on – Review and Modify units review-img
  • Highlight area to print (See image Below)review
  • Right Click Print
  • Print to a  PDF > Should Look Similar to the Image Below > you can use Ctrl -/+ to make it look right before you click Print to make it look better. 
  • Save to PDF > Downloads

  • Print Labels for this pagelabels
  • It should open up in a PDF File. > File >Save PDF AS > Downloads
  • Labels should look like this

  • Upload PDF’s to the Uploads Tab

Click Upload. > Then Shipment Ready button lets us know you have a shipment Ready For the Selltec Team.

If you have any question please let your Manager know.


Once we have your Shipment, we will send you the Dimentions, weight, and Box Levels to you via message.

Then Please upload the Shipping Label and PDF label to the files and uploads Tab.

To see Detailed instructions on how to enter dimensions for a PDF please click HERE.

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